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I met Laurie Williams many years ago, at the Good Samaritan Hospital, in Los Angeles California. I was going in, and she was coming out!

My name is Anne Welsh, and Laurie Williams is my daughter. This album is a collaboration of our original songs.

Most of the lyrics: Anne.

Most of the music: Laurie.

There are a few crossovers and some solely by Laurie or by me.

Why, you may ask, would we do this, at our age? Simple – because we want to, and we can. Listening over and over to our songs, I realize they are biographical, for us both. And, for many women, for that matter.

We are really lucky to have survived long enough to, at last, do what we want. This is one of those things.

I saw this saying, not too long ago:

“Fall down seven times, get up eight.” 

The story of our lives. When you hear these lyrics you will understand.

We dedicate this album to my brother, and Laurie’s uncle Johnny, a musician who didn’t survive.

Thanks to God, Dios, Higher Power, or Ke Akua. You can take your choice. They’re all the same.

Always a California girl, even though I was born in Ohio, and didn’t get there until age two. Now living on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii, and dancing hula for over 25 years with a halau.

I studied acting at Marymount, Los Angeles, and the Pasadena Playhouse, California. Writing at Santa Monica City College. But, I was a job shopper. Everything from ballroom dance teacher to legal secretary, to working at a large talent agency, and everything in between.

I finally found writing was my passion. I did a three year stint as a humor columnist for a national trade magazine. It paid only enough for cigarettes, so I had to quit. The cigarettes.

I also have several novels under my belt – almost, almost! One almost optioned for a movie, but it all took too long. Too much back and forth – too many agents. My daughter did the same job hop, but got hooked on music and her bio is much longer than mine.

Now we have come together – the singer/songwriter/musician, and the writer, as a team. “Blues Gonna Getcha” is the result. Too bad it took so long for this collaboration to happen, but now it did, and here it is!

By the way, we do not write elevator music, although I do remember music in elevators.

Laurie Williams was born in Los Angeles, California. Long familiar with the stage and recording, Laurie has performed live since she was seven years old, appearing in concert with her uncle John Orvis, at 13, she wrote and original song for “San Francisco Caravan”, a YMCA film which is still being shown today.

At 20, Laurie established herself as a talented jazz, rock, blues, and country musician, appearing regularly in clubs throughout California. In 1981, she performed as the opening act for Don Mclean, and performed for two months in Himeji, Japan at the Japan Pub Royal.

Upon her return to the U.S., Laurie continued to perform in groups such as “Anything Goes” as well as solo acts throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

She has played backup for Big Jay Mcneely, Louise Goffen, and Holly Light, and, numerous personal appearances in clubs and concerts throughout the Los Angeles area.

Now living on the island of Kauai, she was the 2006 Winner of the Mokihana Composer’s Contest Kauai, Open Category, 2007 Winner 1st and 2nd in Open Category, 2 trophies, 2 Koa Bowls, $500 cash, $500 recording time, overall highest points in competition, and the 2008 2nd Place Winner in Professional Category.


All The Way Live (Santa Monica)
The APT (San Diego)
At My Place (Santa Monica)
The Banjo Café (Santa Monica)
Bla Bla Café (Studio City)
The Boardroom (Oxnard)
Bon Appetite (Westwood)
Brandywine Café (Venice)
Bratskellar (Westwood)
Califia Concerts (Los Angeles)
Chi Chi Club (Catalina)
Ice House (Pasadena)
Klub Bauchee (Los Angeles)
KPFK Winter Fair (Santa Monica)

The Catherine Hotel (Catalina)
Tradewinds (Catalina)
Circus Bar (Hollywood)
Come Back Inn (Venice)
The Connection (Culver City)
Dandelion Café (Venice)
Déjà Vu Theater (Hollywood)
Four Star Bar (Hollywood)
Hacienda Hotel (El Segundo)
Lamplighter (Camarillo)
LA City College (Los Angeles)
Le Bistro (Ojai)
Les Beans (Los Angeles)
Little Frida’s (Los Angeles)

Long Beach Gay Pride Festival (Long Beach)
Mama Pajama (Los Angeles)
The Ojai Bowl (Ojai)
The Olivas Park Golf Course Restaurant (Ventura)
Ollies (Berkeley)
Orange County Gay & Lesbian Pride Festival (Irvine)
The Palms (Hollywood)
Que Sera Sera (Long Beach)
Red Cove Bar (Ventura)
The Rose Tattoo (West Hollywood)

Sand & Sea Club (Pacific Palisades)
The Shamrock (Topanga Canyon)
The Sidewalk Café (Venice)
South Bay Gay & Lesbian Pride Festival (Redondo Beach)
The Woman’s Building (Los Angeles)
Trances Roadhouse (Malibu)
The Unicorn (Culver City)
Women’s Music & Comedy Festival (Santa Barbara)
Yesterday’s (Westwood)


Japan Pub Royal (Himeji City, Japan)


The Golden Bear (Huntington Beach, CA)


Breakaway Café (Los Angeles, CA)


Grand Avenue Bar (Los Angeles, CA)
Lighthouse Bar (Redondo Beach, CA)
Savatores (Anaheim, CA)
Village Bar (Catalina, CA)
Biltmore (New Otani) Hotel (Los Angeles, CA)
KCC Performing Arts Center (Kauai, HI)


John Anson Ford Theater (N. Hollywood, CA)
KPFK Radio Show (Los Angeles, CA)
Valerie Turingo Inauguration Dinner (Los Angeles, CA)
Holiday Inn (Brentwood, CA)
Small Town Coffee (Kapaa, HI)


“Crazy ‘Bout You” – July 2008
“Hwy #5” – April 2009
“Blues Gonna Getcha” – May 2016